Molly The Monkey Finds a Pineapple

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Bursting with colorful characters and delightful dialogue, Molly the Monkey Finds A Pineapple appeals to educators, parents and kids of all ages by making it fun to learn how fruits and veggies grow.

Ages 1-8. ISBN: 978-0-9764785-4=6

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Molly is going bananas trying to figure out where pineapples grow!

Parent reading Molly the Monkey to childrenFrom award-winning author and registered dietitian Kathleen Stefancin, this timely tale joins her other popular children’s books – The Fruit Flies’ Picnic and The Fish Who Wished He Could Eat Fruit in teaching the importance of eating a plant-based diet.

In this loveable story book, Molly is going bananas trying to figure out where pineapples grow. Are they in a tree like cherries or in a bush like berries?

Join this curious monkey on a tasty trek through a fruit-filled forest and a valley of veggies. Feed your hunger for knowledge as Molly learns all the different ways plant-based foods grow, ending with a delicious discovery that surprises everyone! By the end of the story the reader will be able to identify at least 18 fruits and vegetables.

What People Say About Molly the Monkey Finds a Pineapple

“A delightful tale woven with knowledge and mouth watering excitement about how and where foods grow. This book is a treat for anyone teaching children about better nutrition and our food sources.” – Gay Russell, LCSW, Feeling Whole Counseling Services

“My grandchildren truly enjoyed it! I had to read it over and over so they could point out Molly. That monkey is so cute!” – J. Drummer, proud grandmother

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