“The Fruit Flies Picnic” Coloring Book by Kathleen Stefancin

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Newsflash! Kathleen Stefancin and her company Smart Picks won the "Parents' Picks award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023".

Ages 5-10

Get ready for a colorful and educational adventure with The Fruit Flies Picnic Coloring Book! Based on the award-winning children’s book, this exciting new version invites young readers to color five playful fruit flies as they enjoy a delicious picnic filled with a variety of fruits.

As kids color in the pages of this fun and engaging book, they’ll learn about the different health benefits of fruits, including why they are important for a healthy diet. Each fruit fly brings a different colored fruit to the picnic and explains why it’s good for them, teaching children about the importance of eating a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables.

With kid-friendly dialogue and fun illustrations, The Fruit Flies Picnic Coloring Book promises to make a fruit lover out of even the pickiest eater. By the end of the story, readers will be able to name 30 different fruits and better understand why they are so good for their bodies.

Perfect for children ages 5-10, this coloring book is a great way to encourage healthy eating habits in a fun and interactive way. So grab your crayons and join the Fruit Flies for a picnic you’ll never forget!