“Molly the Monkey Finds a Pineapple” by Kathleen Stefancin

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Newsflash! Kathleen Stefancin and her company Smart Picks won the "Parents' Picks award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023".

Ages 1-8

Ready to swing into a journey of flavors and health with your kids?

Monkey around with Molly in this delightful tale, Molly the Monkey Finds a Pineapple! Our lovable primate, Molly, is on a wild quest to uncover the mystery of pineapple growth. Is it up in a tree like cherries, or perhaps nestled on a bush like berries? Join Molly on her scrumptious journey through a fruity forest and a valley bursting with veggies. It’s a quest for knowledge served with a side of laughs, as Molly discovers the surprising secrets of plant-based delights. Get ready to go bananas as Molly swings into action, revealing a delicious surprise that will leave you smiling!