“The Fish Who Wished He Could Eat Fruit” by Kathleen Stefancin

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Newsflash! Kathleen Stefancin and her company Smart Picks won the "Parents' Picks award for The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023".

Ages 3-8

Dive into the deliciously whimsical world of The Fish Who Wished He Could Eat Fruit. This book is sure to reel in even the pickiest eaters! Join Theo, the fish, as he explores a kaleidoscope of purples, yellows, reds, and greens in a fruit-filled underwater paradise. This mouth-watering forest is brimming with the most tantalizing fruits you’ve ever seen. Join Theo as his lifelong dream unfolds in a splash of colors right before your eyes. The Fish Who Wished He Could Eat Fruit isn’t just a book; it’s a fruity adventure that turns healthy eating into tasty fun!