The Fish Who Wished He Could Eat Fruit

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Educators, parents and kids of all ages will savor this fanciful book and audio CD fish tale! Read along with the author and Theo on an amazing underwater adventure as his lifelong dream comes true right before your eyes.

Ages 3-12. ISBN: 978-0-9764785-0-8



Parent reading The Fish book to childThis book is sure to reel in even the pickiest eaters as you discover a rainbow of purple, yellow, red and green in a forest of the most mouth-watering fruits you’ve ever seen. You’ll dive into this enchanting story again and again and wish you were a fish who could eat fruit too!

What People Say About The Fish Who Wished He Could Eat Fruit

“It tickled our imaginations and we feel lucky to be able to eat fruit freely!” – Valerie Early, RD, LD, CES, RPhT

“Parents receive some helpful tips on how to get their children to eat more fruits and veggies too.” – Family Review Center

“My grandchildren love these books! They are always the first ones they pull off the bookshelf.” – D. Bush, proud grandmother

“My children love these books so much, they never leave home without them!” – Dr. O’Leary, Optometrist

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Bonus features in the back of the book

  • Description of all of the benefits of eating the colors of fruits and vegetables
  • 15 ideas for getting kids to eat more fruits and veggies
  • A chart that can be used as a matching game
  • Sample green smoothie recipes

CD includes
Clickable graphics on 32 pages • Find answers to 130 discussion questions(sample questions include: Name five fruits from the rainforest? Name three types of berries?) • Audio narration by the author • Animated characters • Printable nutrition facts

Stevie’ Winner: Best New Product of the Year • Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice • Stevie’ Finalist: Best New Product of the Year • Tillywig Brain Child • Dr. Toy 100 Best Product Award

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